Open Edtech Principles

This list of principles was decided by those attending the inaugural meeting in Barcelona, November 2019

  1. Education is a basic human right and Open EdTech can best enable equitable access to quality education for everyone on Earth
  2. We strongly support open standards and interoperability.
  3. Control of education technology should be collectively shared.
  4. We want to empower educators and learners to improve our world.
  5. Education should drive technology, not the reverse.
  6. We encourage strategic alliances and networks for those around Open EdTech.
  7. Open EdTech should be the most well-designed, competitive and sustainable technology available.
  8. We embrace the best of open source practices.
  9. We want to build on what already exists, including standards and tools.
  10. Openness in EdTech must include transparency about sustainability models.
  11. We work closely with our diverse communities to define our goals and roadmaps.
  12. We understand and respect diversity when creating and recommending Open EdTech tools and resources.

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