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Looking for Python / Django LMS

Re: I'm building one

by Sheena O'Connell -
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Hey there,

You are very welcome to give it a try smile 

Where are you based? We really want to help as much as we can in Africa because there's a lot of work to be done here, and it's home. But I dont actually want to close the door on anyone. I think you should sign up for the Beta. There is a bit of a waiting list to get onto our main instance because we have a few little things to build out to make onboarding people not eat all our time. 

We're running a few hactober hack days, if you want to take part then you are more than welcome. We're doing a sortof test drive tomorrow, then a larger external one this Saturday (10 October). We'll be working on the platform itself as well as a few curriculum things. 

Here's the repo: (I'm busy polishing up the docs nowish so if it doesn't 100% make sense come back in a little while) 

Here's our Discord for those of you who want to get involved in our community (it's pretty empty at the moment. We just started that)

Disclaimer: This is my first time ever trying to launch an open source community so there might be some patience required smile